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“There’s a concussion protocol that all the team doctors and athletic trainers follow that I’ve been through before, I think two times in my career,” Curry said.

“I felt a lot better than I did those last couple times. Rode the bike for a little bit, got my heart rate up and made sure that it didn’t get worse.

Unlike the NFL, games are tightly spaced, which makes monitoring Curry even more important, Gilbert writes.

“The possibility of a delayed onset of concussion is the big issue here.

The Center for Disease Control breaks concussion symptoms down into four groups – physical, cognitive, emotional and sleep-related.

The NBA’s MVP suffered a contusion, not a concussion, in a frightening fall during Game 4 of the Western Conference finals.

So I tried to follow that game plan, but just personally wanted to break a sweat and get back into the rhythm of the game.” The official line was that Curry had suffered a contusion.

“He wouldn’t play, he wouldn’t be cleared with a concussion. That’s pretty hardline,” Golden State General Manager Bob Myers said.

And the difference between a contusion and a concussion?

“A contusion means that just the soft tissue has been injured – it doesn’t involve any of the brain matter, so the brain itself was not injured.” James Gilbert, a physician with the the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics, told the Washington Post in an e-mail.

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