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" Maybe I am being too picky, but I would have preferred to hear something along the lines of "Are you finished with your plate ma'am?

"I would also like to mention that my husband Adam had a new scallop entree that was delicious!

I felt so bad, that was not my intention at all which I let the manager know.

We told him several times that it really was not necessary but he insisted over and over, so we finally gave in.

It really was not a big deal to us, but apparetnly it was a big deal to Bravo.

We began getting our 6 month son ready to leave when the manager came up to us. The manager told us that he wanted to take care of our dinner.

I certainly did not ask my brother to do any of this.I was surprised, as we normally get great service there.We asked for bread while we looked over our menu, which our server brought.Apparently there was a couple dining who had their baby with them and forgot to bring pickles, one of the baby's favorite things to eat.So my brother went and bought a jar of pickles for the baby. Maybe, but if they are willing to do it, that is up to them.

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