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But it seems like DJI should do some needed improvements on their apps, since a lot of people seem to have the same problem. You may or may not then be told to reconnect the cable to the P4.

I only have macs and i Pads, so I really hope I will get it to work. Disconnect full-size USB connector from the back of the RC leaving Apple Lightning cable attached to i Pad. Plug USB connector into DJI-provided adapter cable that has a female USB connector on one end and a micro-USB male connector at the other end of 4-inch cable. Plug micro-USB connector into micro-USB port next to micro SD slot on the side of the P4. (NOTE: The first two attempts, I turned the RC off and the firmware update failed to proceed.) So, now your i Pad or i Phone will be directly connected by USB cable to the P4 (the RC is now connected only wirelessly to the P4). If you are lucky like I was, the firmware update will start within 15 seconds of plugging micro USB cable into P4. P4 firmware update progress will be displayed as a percentage at bottom of DJI GO app screen. When firmware update completes, you will be instructed to disconnect the USB cable from the P4.

When I connect the bird to my macintosh and try to upgrade thru DJI Assistant it downloads the software and then says Upgrade failed. Every time I hit Continue Download, it just stops again and again.

I then proceeded as instructed and all I get is the infinite loop of telling me the Phantom 4 firmware upgrade package download was paused.

This seems to be happening mostly on Apple products, as I don't see a single android user saying it's happening to them.

I have android, it upgraded first try with zero problems, for the aircraft and the RC.

SUCCESS in upgrading firmware in less than 10 minutes!!!

Update: After quite a while trying all of the recommended methods on the forum and from DJI tech support, I decided to keep hitting repeatedly the resume download button on the Go App every time it paused. Instead, go BACK to the main screen with P4 picture.) 6. Firmware took 7-8 minutes to download even though I have 30-50 kbps high-speed Internet service, so BE PATIENT. At this point, you can power everything off and back on again, if you wish. No more "firmware update required", but now I got a message indicating COMPASS ERROR, so I took P4 outside and performed COMPASS CALIBRATION. - Dave A new update on my firmware updating problems. I didn't have to use the workaround supplied by Boxerman. I have tried to do it without being logged in to Assistant. I own a Phantom 3 Pro and an Inspire, but the firmware update procedure for P4 is COMPLETELY different. Connect i Pad to RC using an Apple-certified USB-Lightning cable. Power on RC - i Pad automatically turns on (that's new) 3. (Note: If you enter the DJI GO app and go to Camera screen, you will also get a message that a firmware update is needed, BUT you cannot update firmware from this screen or by tapping on the message. When firmware download completes, DJI GO app will instruct you to connect cable to P4 aircraft using adapter cable. (Note: i Pad or i Phone is now cabled directly to the RC (normal cable configuration). I clicked on CAMERA on DJI GO app screen and this brought up the live video screen from the P4. Metric Units of Measure - Camera Photo and Video settings - Enable Hardware Decoding - Enable Multiple Flight Mode - Set Maximum Flight Altitude (20-500M) - Smart Go Home (ON or OFF) - Set new Visual Navigation System Settings I hope this helps others that might be struggling with first P4 firmware update. The controller update went super smooth and when trying to update the aircraft it went thru without any problems. The new one works flawlessly and right now everything is working as expected. I press download, it first shows a box saying Downloading. I will pick up a new P4 tomorrow since I returned the one I had, and try again. After going there, I press the red box saying there is a new firmware. Keep in mind I downloaded the firmware on the i Pad with nothing connected to it 3 - Once download was complete, I then connected the Ipad to the quad using the dongle adapter so you can link Quad Micro-USB i Pad-Lightning cable 4 - Once connection is complete, you can start the upgrade following button on the GO app screen Note: My RC was on but not connected during this process since the i Pad was directly connected to the Quad All went fine from there, took about 10 minutes to upgrade (an the annoying upgrading beeping soundtrack have been removed for this process) Thank you.

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I'm on a new Mac and after an hour of many attempts, I'm told by them to try an older MAC or a PC.

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