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Rob Patterson, and Marilyn Manson member zimmie She also dated male model matt felker (britney spears toxic) Ms. She has reportedly been linked to trying to romance DJ AM while dating Nicole Richie as well as been married to Korn guitarist.1-selling independent record as of May 24, according to Billboard, and his single was making strides on the Billboard Top 200, up from 80 to 31.In the hip hop/R&B category, his album jumped to 20 from 49. In fact, the success he's enjoying now is far beyond what he ever could have imagined while growing up in Virginia, working as everything from a part-time on-air personality on a radio station to a staffer at Footlocker. It's amazing."Now his face, recently retouched with new, flawless teeth, is recognized by millions of people, which is "trippy," Yamin said. "I am just blessed to be in a position that I am today, to be able to wake up every day and do what I love to do and to do what I feel I belong doing," the 28-year-old said.For fans who live in the Los Angeles area Kick off the Holiday season Saturday, November 22nd with Citadel Outlets as we get ready to light our 90 foot white fir Christmas tree.Bring the family to this FREE event featuring concert perfromances from Camp Rock star, Demi Lovato and Season 5 American Idol singer, Elliot Yamin. Start your holiday shopping and receive one day only discounts from particpating retailers.Elliot in particular was so incredibly thankful to all of GOT7’s fans for making the meeting happen.

It definitely worked, as Sanjoy replied back to multiple fans and told them that he Lucky, GOT7 had a scheduled fan meet in Los Angeles with concert organizers Sub Kulture on the next day, on January 29th.Yamin was also diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was about to turn 16 — a time when his friends were getting new cars and having a great time being teenagers.He, on the other hand, was going to the hospital learning how to take insulin shots. Yamin said that as soon as he realized he was a contender on "Idol" he wanted to use his newfound platform to work for kids who are going through the same thing he did.Their are a million models who want to ride the etrain. My reason for posting is this: I have known and known of this girl for 8 years. And Ive watched all of her drama unfold on myspace as funny as that sounds. Dang it looks like shes quite the skank on there huh? fusea..ID=29062082(warning: the backround is of pics of her posting topless.I don't think she is actually a model or actress but just a pretty girl who dates alot. She was ENGAGED to Wes Oakerson when she started sleeping with Elliot. She does look young because those pictures are ten years old posted. I don't agree in what she does or how she uses people. All the boys, realtionships, marriages, angagements. nothng is really, how you say, exposed, but just a warning)things that bother me about her myspace...-she has a song by DJ AM as her main song..she was linked to him at one point, why would she still have one of his songs and not her BOYFRIEND' S?!

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