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Though the architectural style is elusive, the iron structure and the prominent clock tower is reminiscent of the Victorian era of Great Britain (see British colonization of Guyana for more information).The Stabroek market area is easily the busiest such place in the city, always bustling with people and activity and also a central hub for taxis and "minibuses" and also for ferries that transport people and goods from all towns and villages along the Demerara river.Stabroek Market is always filled with customers everyday and is known for its clock located at the top of the building.Stabroek Market is located in the middle of which Guyanese people call "Town" where many other major businesses surrounds its tall and recognized building.Register a free account today and try it out for yourself!Choose any Press Freedom report by clicking the first letter of the country name.

Religious conservatives also targeted the progressive Tolo TV, which had been criticized by clerics for airing programs that "oppose Islam and national values." In May, a popular female television presenter who had worked at Tolo was murdered, possibly by family members who did not approve job, and other program hosts received threats or were forced off the air, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.Many practice self-censorship or avoid writing about sensitive issues such as Islam, national unity, or crimes committed by specific warlords.In a high-profile case that was criticized extensively by both local and western groups, Ali Mohaqiq Nasab, editor of the monthly women's rights magazine Haqooq-i-Zan, was ordered arrested by the high court for publishing articles deemed to be "anti-Islamic." Despite the fact that the government-appointed Media Commission cleared him of blasphemy charges, he was sentenced by the high court to two years' imprisonment in October and also faced the threat of a court-issued fatwa that could have increased his sentence.A number of journalists were threatened or harassed by government ministers, politicians, and others in positions of power as a result of their reporting.In one of several cases, two reporters working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty were arrested in July by intelligence services in Konar province and were detained for a week without charge.

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