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Sadly, Louise’s human sex doll Ryan and her brother Sam ‘the trendy Trump’ were such simpletons they were lambs to the slaughter. For a start, he had turned down Alex Mytton’s idea of a trip to Tuscany to help Sam get over his break-up.

Messing with their heads for our entertainment and amusement was one thing (or two), encouraging them to start tattooing other characters’ names on their wrists and inner biceps was just cruel. (Olivia Bentley, her new boyfriend Digby, and even his sister reluctantly/bravely still went.)Sam’s life was in such disarray he was getting advice on love and life from Louise Thompson, his sister.‘This is hadulthood now-how-now-brown-cow,’ she stated sagely, trying to sound as posh as the other gals.

When you fold out its collapsible legs and put it on the desk, the sound is great.

The broad frequency response means that it’ll pick up voices, bass instruments and shrieking equally well. Sennheiser PC 8 USB: £34.99, en-uk.This is a simple headset, meant mostly for talking to people over the internet.

Proudlock ‘Proudlock’ Proudlock III had a more sympathetic solution: lots of High Fives, ‘positive vibes’, and repeated cries of ‘yeah baby ! Do you think she was the only amazing woman out of three or four billion women on the planet?! (It was not only in the script but in his contract.)A tattooist covered up the tribute with what looked like an oily black puddle with a fluffy fringe.‘Wart is it? ’ she squealed more in horror and panic than delight. ‘Hi was twent-air fy-hi-fy-hive when I went through my break hup with Alik. ’ he grinned, rubbing it as if sub-consciously giving it a try. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been taken in when earlier Louise had claimed she would love to have a tattoo of his name ‘On the sole of my foot! ’ she stuttered, trying to come to terms with his ‘romantic’ gesture but with her forehead sweating, cheeks glistening (on her face that is), and becoming more orange than ever.‘That is a statement right there! No one could deny this was one thing he was right about: a statement that proclaimed ‘I AM STUPID! You’ve got to remember that.’A lesson that will guide Louise through life.‘I want you to give me your loudest ‘yeah-baby ! I’ve come hout the other side but it is a lawng process.’Harry was less sympathetic.‘Sam, look, dude, get your balls back and come on holiday! ’He arranged for Sam to see a Life Coach that was so professional he conducted the session as part of Made In Chelsea - much as Spencer Matthews’ poor psychiatrist had done.‘Can you stop sounding like a little girl? ’ the Life Coach snarled after Sam babbled that he was still in love with Lucy Watson’s Sister. ’ spluttered Sam, as if people everywhere had tattoos of feathers, or anyone had ever wanted one.‘I’m not going to lie,’ Louise tittered. Unfortunate but at least his dates in the future couldn’t say they weren’t warned. The Ry-Man seemed gloriously untroubled by the fact that only a few weeks ago Louise had been on the brink of breaking up with him, telling anyone who would listen that they didn’t have sex any more and he was boring. ’At least this would have been appropriate: signifying how down-trodden he was.‘I’d be so-ho-ho happ-air if you gawt a tatt-whoo of a letter L,’ she hinted. ’These were the other Top 10 Dumbest moments from this week’s show‘That was a really awful High Five. Buy now Verdict: The Snowball takes many of the features of more expensive models, at a fraction of the cost, and sticks them in an interesting little box.With great frequency response for catching high and low sounds, and a wide range so that it can record a busy room as well as one voice, it’s a perfect solution for every situation.

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