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Over the course of a few months in 1996, her 16-year-old son was discharged from a drug rehab center and her husband was diagnosed with malignant bowel cancer.

While she cared for her husband, she suffered from fatigue, dizziness and ringing in her ears, and finally she went in for a checkup and received her MS diagnosis. Natalie’s husband was combative and aggressive, and it was after particularly nasty encounters that her symptoms were exacerbated. All the while, Natalie’s disease got worse and worse.

“Chronic stress is activation of the stress mechanisms over long periods of time when a person is exposed to stressors that cannot be escaped either because she does not recognize them or because she has no control over them,” Maté wrote.

“We no longer sense what is happening in our bodies and cannot therefore act in self-preserving ways.” The same scenario shows up in his other patients: Barbara, a psychotherapist with MS whose symptoms started after she housed a sociopathic man, against better judgment, or Véronique, who kept her symptoms secret because she didn’t want to place an emotional burden on anyone else.

“Many students of this disease have voiced the clinical impression that emotional stress may be somehow implicated in the genesis of MS,” the study said. In 1988, a study conducted at the University of Colorado School of Medicine found that MS patients who experienced an extremely stressful life event were 3.7 times more likely to suffer a flare-up from the disease.

“But I just can’t; if someone needs help, I have to do it.” By repressing her emotions, the doctor suggests, his patient was subjecting her body to chronic stress, probably without even realizing it.Galvanize is home to tech companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages.Our modern, industrial spaces create the perfect atmosphere, in the best locations to foster creativity, focus and connection from startups to the Fortune 1000.Her experience was in line with many other people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.One of the earlier studies on the role of stress in MS diagnoses was published in the journal in 1970.

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