Im dating a blind girl

As the other little saying goes "the most beautiful things in life are not seen or touched, they are felt with the heart".After all, I fell in love with his heart, and that's what truly matters anyway!We had the most delightful conversation and I even forgot about them being blind!It wasn't until we all got off the bus and the white canes were brought out that I even remembered.As long he had a good attitude to enjoy life and didn't think it was debilitating.How could life be anything short of phenomenal with that person providing I have all my senses?I gravatite towards the "happy to be alive crowd" all the time. If you can't see them, then what do looks matter anyway!??Most have to develop awesome personalities to compensate, so you'll have the world by the a$$! I am visually impaired, so dating a man who is would probably not be a deal breaker to me.

Yes, I would date someone who was blind/visually impaired.A resounding YES here ~ my boyfriend is blind in his right eye. But we do joke about it all the time, and he certainly has no self~pity over it ~ a little frustrating for him at times as far as peripheal vision and depth perception (mostly when driving), and the inability to experience 3D.It's great ~ I can flip him off if I'm sitting on his right side and he never knows it! When we're really meant to see something in life, we'll "see" it whether we have eyes or not.On the flip~side, I dated a guy with MS ~ he thought the world "owed" him, and self~pity oozed from every pore. It's tragic that some people go through this life worried only about "appearances" ~ what a sad way to exist, IMO.Yes, I would definitely date someone who is visually impaired.

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