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According to a recent news report, the ICHR will soon be taking up research projects on new approaches to writing ancient Indian history based on Sanskrit texts, and revisiting the theme of Aryan immigration into India.It is clear that the epic dating enterprise will be getting a fillip in times to come.The dates recreated by astronomy software cannot be taken as definitive since we do not know whether the verse being dated was part the original core or if it was added later, says Subhash Kak, who teaches at the department of electric and computer engineering at Louisiana State University, and has worked on the history of Indian science.‘Furthermore, we have dates that are sometimes mutually contradictory.

In support of his hypothesis, he cites research by veteran geologist KS Valdiya, author of , on paleoseismic activity in the lower Himalayas to trace the approximate time of the Mahabharata.

Chaubey also speaks of how his growing up years in Varanasi gave him a firm grounding in mythological texts and sources, which he now applies to research.

He is extending the same analysis to the Mahabharata.

The way a poetic description of an astral event in the verses is interpreted is subjective and it lacks scholarly agreement.’ The quest to prove the historicity of the epics by dating them affirmatively is an old pursuit.

It is also a politically fraught subject that has been making recurrent headlines.

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