Strategies for alpha male dating

And these guys all want an answer to the same question...

Well, I'm going to share with you a story about one of my students and his experience with this learning process - and how he managed to cut down his learning time by at least 80%.

You might be tempted to multiply 5 x 15 to get 75 and assume that's the answer, but that's the common mistake most people make. And let's be honest here - You could do that in your sleep, couldn't you? I show them how to make small (sometimes LARGE) improvements to their game.

(I did too when I first heard this) The reality is that if you increase your results in 5 areas by 15% each, and they're all connected... Now, you might not think that's so cool until you realize that this means you ONLY need to make a small (15%) increase in just five areas of your dating skills to get 100% more results. And I do this by showing you ALL the different ways that you can get better results in your game with women.

Fake Alpha Males and the mistakes they make You’ll learn – The gap between the image you want others to have of you, and the real you.

CARLOS XUMA'S DESK: Wednesday PM Hey, I've got something uncomfortable I need to admit, and it has to do with why most guys aren't as successful with women as they want. But first, let me ask you something: Well, let me tell you, you're not alone... Seduction is a very controversial and charged word, and it carries a lot of baggage with it.

Nothing radical here, just a new pair of shoes, a cool belt, and a couple good shirts. After that, we targeted the subjects and topics of conversations.

Maybe you've got just a few small things holding you back.

This took him a few minutes a day, and he got MUCH MORE attention and interest based on this one thing. Craig is the average guy that wants to learn these dating techniques and secrets.

I see him , and in every workshop or seminar, and he's 90% of the guys that write in with questions. He's only a few short steps away from breaking past his own inner hurdles.

The dictionary defines seduction as: ." Any way you look at it, seduction sounds like something BAD.

But the reality is really nowhere near the standard "dictionary" definition.

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