Updating palm desktop

I recently updated my windows software to Windows 10 on my Hp Pavilion g series laptop and ever since updating, my mouse freezes up.

It works fine if in constant use but if I breifly stop and then go back to use it, it will be frozen and I'll have to play with the mouse pad to get it to work again.

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If you have accidentally used the Outlook option, see instructions at How to Reinstall the Card Visor Software. You will then see the following dialog box to sync your ID Scanner and your PC. ___ Connect the Hot Sync Cable between your ID Scanner’s USB port and your computer.

___ Look for a “new device found” message on your computer.

You will likely hear a “da-dunk” sound if your speakers are on.

The next steps will show you how to connect or Hot Sync your ID Scanner with your PC. If you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC, the following dialog box will display.

___ Click Next to synchronize your ID Scanner with your PC. This dialog box will help you specify your preference for the Hot Sync process.

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