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Alex Wilson in anticipation of geomorphology and tephrostratigraphy projects looking at landform processes in the Waikato region.Initially the laboratory was run as a research unit measuring radiocarbon determinations for staff and student projects.During the first five years 304 determinations were measured.In 1979 Alan Hogg took over the running of the lab and worked closely with Dr.We pride ourselves on personal and rapid email contact with submitters to determine radiocarbon dating requirements and ensure delivery of reliable and accurate radiocarbon results. Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Attn: Assoc. Fiona Petchey Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, The University of Waikato, Gate 9, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton, 3240, NEW ZEALAND. Current projects involve researching the history of Arnhem Land ancestral sites in northern Australian, surveying and excavating shell mounds across Cape York Peninsular, studying the high-resolution store of information about past environmental conditions from sub-fossil kauri logs and identifying how Asian civilisations emerged.Our research takes us all over New Zealand and the world to areas such as southern China, northern Australia, and Southeast Asia.

If all samples in a batch are unsuitable for dating, we reserve the right to charge an inspection fee of NZD50 plus the MPI fee of NZD35.^ Measured by CRDS (precision 0.3 per mil).

Please also include paper copies of the sample submission forms with your samples.

The Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory is involved in research projects around the globe, which cover a diverse range of radiocarbon dating topics/areas.

A great deal of information pertaining to the radiocarbon samples listed here is contained in laboratory forms held by the respective institutions that provided the radiocarbon assays.

More specific and detailed information regarding the samples and their interpretation is contained in published data, site reports, theses and Historic Places Trust reports which ought to also be consulted to place the data in its fuller perspective.

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