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Free attractions: Don’t forget that there are lots of free places to visit all over the UK.Get active: Grab backpacks and go up a beautiful mountain, or along a river where you can skim stones across the water.The seven judges (Annunaki) hung her naked on a stake.Some of the finest cylinder seals date from the Protoliterate period (see photograph). The detailed drawing above was made from tracing a photograph (from Campbell, Shepsut) of the temple vase found at Uruk/Warka, dating from approximately 3100 BCE.These Mesopotamian temple platforms are called ziggurats, a word derived from the Assyrian ziqquratu, meaning high.In a somewhat different category are the cylinder seals so widely utilized at this time chaldean culture dating.

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Regularly scan the local paper to see if there are any free events or markets and enjoy the fresh air and blue skies.

Parks and gardens: Make the most of any good weather and take a delicious picnic to a park or garden nearby.

Conscious attempts at architectural design during this so-called Protoliterate period (c.

But the raised shrines themselves are lost, and their appearance can be judged only from facade ornaments discovered at Tall al- Ubayd.

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