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“It effectively says that in each investigated case, authorities must try to determine the effect the speech or writing in question has on the society.” Authorities had been investigating Strecker for 11 months before the Sept.

4 arrest, according to a spokesperson from the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ).

He is currently confined in San Sebastián Preventive Prison, south of San José.

“The judge took into consideration the possibility of [Strecker] fleeing the country since he has no roots in Costa Rica,” Núnez said of the ruling via an email exchange with The Tico Times.

Police confiscated a laptop, cellphone and digital camera at the airport.

Strecker’s lawyer, Alfredo Núñez, confirmed via email that the 65-year-old from the United States has been sentenced to two months preventive prison while prosecutors build a case, and could face up to eight years in prison if convicted.

Costa Rica has long been recognized for its incredible natural wonders, including its tropical rainforests and pristine beaches.Through a website, Facebook page, and You Tube channel all donning his “brand” name, Strecker positioned himself in recent years as a go-to source for male travelers who were looking to enjoy prostitution services in Latin America.But according to a sentence-long “Sex Tourism” portion of Costa Rica’s 58-page Human Trafficking Law passed in 2013, the country prohibits “making use of any medium to promote the country at the national and international level as a tourist destination accessible for the exploitation of sexual commerce or for the prostitution of persons of any sex or age.” Strecker is now being charged with violating this law, Article 162-bis of the penal code, according to investigators.The man who helped sponsor the law, former Justice Minister Fernando Ferraro Castro, said the article contained within the human trafficking law is there to deter criminal activity.“Certainly the country has to protect its image as a tourist destination,” he said. Many times the activities of criminal organizations, or those who engage in human trafficking, are connected to prostitution.” Strecker’s web page, Cubadave.com, has been stripped of its content and archived stories, now serving as a fundraiser for his legal defense funds.

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The lawyer would not comment as to what the defense’s official position will be when a trial begins, although the Costa Rican Constitution’s freedom of speech article likely will play an important role when being interpreted by judges against the 2013 law against sex tourism promotion.

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